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me walking into the club

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one of the best scenes in cinematic history

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emperortigerstar said: Just realized I said you're instead of your. xD

Go fix it now.

Anonymous said: Do you clop haters?

I why would?

Anonymous said: Soundspeed, will you ever add your various social media links to your channel banner? It would only take a few seconds, and think of the thousands of subscribers who have no idea about them. You gotta do it dood.

I haven’t done that already? I should do that. I will do that. Someday.

Anonymous said: Do you hate cloppers?

Why would I?

Anonymous said: When you do your next livestream, will you be doing the other two episodes of Boku no Pico? I loved your reaction to the first one :D

Probably, yeah

fairdahlia said: I just got off work, so I'm late to the ask party. I hope you're doing okay, Speedy. :) (This isn't even an ask. Whatevs.)

'Preciate ya anyways

emperortigerstar said: Take all the time you need. You're videos are always awesome and worth the wait. :)

Awwwh, thanks!

emperortigerstar said: *tackle hugs* SOUNDSPEED!!! so. How've you been? :D

I’m actually suck right now sadly, but I’m getting better so yay! Was gonna have a video up tonight but I feel like arse so I’ll take care of it tomorrow

mama-skittles said: Soundspeed so speedy.

he’s so soundspeed

he’s gonna touch your butt

Anonymous said: I'm sorry I called you a grammer Nation a stream onetime Can you forgive me?


opth121 said: HOLD ON! HOLD DA FUCK ON! SOUNDSPEED?!?!?! IS TALKING!?!?!!? *Explodes with happy*